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Transforming Enteral Feeding into


Precision nutrition management

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The demand for enteral nutrition is rapidly increasing.  An aging population, increased head and neck cancer surgeries, strokes, and other motility inhibiting diseases are elevating demand for enteral nutrition therapy.

Gravitas Medical is establishing a new standard of care for precision enteral nutrition management that utilizes data intelligence to improve patient safety, deliver better clinical outcomes, and optimize workflows.


Eliminate the occurrence of misplaced tubes

•Eliminate 15,000 lung punctures

•Eliminate 3,000 avoidable deaths

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Introducing Entarik

The Entarik Feeding Tube System is FDA cleared intended for the administration of nutrition, fluids, and medications by the nasoenteric route for patients who have an intact gastrointestinal tract but are physically unable to manage nutritional intake through normal mastication and deglutition.

Designed to aid delivery of exceptional enteral nutrition care:


•Ensure PLACEMENT of feeding tube is safe, the first time and all the time

•Identify feeding tube DISLODGEMENT enabling timely corrective action

•React to ALERTS when continuous monitoring identifies tube migration


Entarik allows clinicians to spend less time checking feeding tubes and more time caring for patients.

Bio-impedance sensors measure the relative position of the tube in the upper GI tract during and after insertion

Temperature sensors provide a safety signal, reporting entry of the tube into the airway during insertion

Continuous monitoring identifies feeding tube migration and alerts clinical staff of a dislodgement event

Healthy Volunteer Study


Determine accuracy of bio-impedance feeding tube placement.


Comparing impedance-based feeding tube placement vs. current standard of care which utilizes x-ray confirmation.


Each of 10 healthy volunteer subjects experienced 2 visits for feeding tube placement. No PPIs were taken prior to the first visit; Prior to the second visit PPIs were taken. During each visit, the subjects underwent 3 tube placements of 8, 10, & 12 FR.  A total of 60 feeding tube placements were completed with x-ray confirmation and pH testing.


Feeding tubes were placed with 100% intragastric placement confirmation using impedance, verified by x-ray.

pH measurement was not reliable as a determinant of feeding tube placement.

Entarik placement was validated by x-ray, the current standard of care, in patients taking and not taking PPIs.

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Gravitas Medical is committed to ensuring enteral nutrition is safe for all patients.
Proudly supporting:


If you are ready to improve the enteral nutrition safety of your patients, enhance outcomes, reduce lengths of stay, and save time in your day, let’s talk!
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